2017-2018 Biennial Report


New York Building Foundation Research, Educational, and Philanthropic Opportunities

"The New York Building Foundation pursues research, educational and charitable opportunities in New York City on behalf of the design, construction and real estate industry for the benefit and welfare of the residents and to enhance the profile and sustainability of the industry. To the extent possible, the Foundation works in cooperation with other national, state and local organizations."

The bylaws of the New York Building Foundation, along with the basic philanthropic criteria approved by the Board of Governors, provide guidelines to evaluate proposals for fulfilling the Foundation's mission.


The Foundation is organized exclusively for the charitable purposes of gathering information and conducting research on the design, construction and real estate industry; soliciting donations from the public, including members of the industry, of funds or materials or services for further donation to not-for-profit corporations involved in construction projects for the benefit and welfare of residents of the State of New York; establishing and awarding scholarship funds in the design, construction and real estate industry; providing media for the foregoing; and doing any other acts or things incidental or connected with or in advancement thereof, both as a separate organization and in cooperation with other tax-exempt national, state and local organizations.

In 2006, the Board of Governors approved the following statement setting forth basic criteria for the Foundation's philanthropic activities:

Evaluation Criteria

Consistent with the Foundation's Statement of Purpose and the Criteria Statement, the following guidelines assist the Board in its evaluation of proposals for Foundation initiatives or support:

  • The request should be aligned with the Foundation's mission. The request should complement the work of the New York Building Congress.
  • The program requesting the funds should be sustainable, in good standing, and capable of bringing the targeted purpose of the requested funds to fruition.
  • The Foundation will evaluate the commitment of the program's Board, their background, and history of sound governance in overseeing the program's expenditure of grant money.
  • Whether the proposed grant will duplicate or work in conjunctions with similar grants, and whether the proposal will meet a demonstrated need.
  • The leader responsible for delivering the program should have a successful record of accomplishment.
  • The program or project that is the subject of the grant request should have measurable outcomes.
  • The extent of governmental, public or private support, if any.
  • Any matching grant funds that may be available.
  • Whether there is a need for future financial support, including consideration of continued support from the Foundation, the community or other funding sources.

At a minimum, grant requests should include the following information:

  • An overall proposed budget that indicates the percentage being funded by the Foundation;
  • Verification of the nonprofit status of the program;
  • Program audit information;
  • Sufficient detail on the project, including its scope, implementation time frame and names of other grantors; and
  • A commitment to provide a midyear update on the program after allocation of grant money.

For more information on the Foundation or to make a donation, please visit nybuildingfoundation.org.