Construction for a Livable City



New York City thrives as a world-class destination for business, the arts, tourism, and innovation because it is able to ceaselessly renew itself and its built environment. The building industry is essential to this continuous growth. Even in periods of slowed economic expansion, scaffolding, cranes, trucks, and construction barriers pervade the City's landscape.

With a presence extending to every corner of the City, the building industry brings with it noise, obstructions, and other unwelcome aspects that are necessary components of construction. Given its close proximity to neighbors and the importance of continued public support for its work, the building community can and should seek ways to advance improved construction site management practices, while enhancing its image as a good neighbor and a welcome and integral part of the City's growth.

This report is the result of a working group formed by the New York Building Foundation with leaders in design, construction, and real estate to investigate construction site management practices and their impact on the public and the urban environment. The efforts of this working group concluded with the creation of widely applicable recommendations on ways the industry can make improvements to worksites and, in so doing, improve its image and the quality of life of millions of New Yorkers. The Foundation named this initiative Construction for a Livable City.