Construction for a Livable City

Construction For A Livable City (CLC) is an initiative of the New York Building Foundation that seeks to improve worksite quality and ensure better coordination between site operators and the surrounding community. Based on a similar long-established program in the United Kingdom, CLC provides an opportunity for New York City building industry organizations to manage construction sites more effectively, while improving relationships with the public and providing a vehicle to recognize innovation among peers. Simply put, CLC can help raise the bar for construction sites Citywide, benefitting all who live, work or play here.

It is the hope and expectation of the Building Foundation that, as CLC takes root and expands, it will become the standard for clean, efficient worksites, reduce impediments to residents, commuters and tourists, and foster greater acceptance of – and support for – construction activity in New York.

Learn more about CLC on the pages that follow, and contact Vice President, Policy and Programs Andrew S. Hollweck at if you have a project you think is eligible to participate.